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21 Jul 2017

The Difference Between Karate and Kung Fu

For many people, especially those who are not familiar with martial arts, the question often arises on what the difference between karate and kung fu is.

13 Jul 2017

Kids Martial Arts - Uncommon System Approach

Sometimes, young kids may express an interest in martial arts. To foster this strong interest, parents must first understand what martial arts is all about before sending their children to classes.

17 Jul 2017

Some Of The Various Types Of Swords Available And Why They Are So Popular

Thanks to Hollywood heroes like Antonio Bandarras playing Zorro and Tom Cruise playing the Last Samurai, we have seen a resurgence in the sword market. Individuals are at least asking about swords if not actively seeking to buy them.

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  • Blog Entry
    325 views 95 favs
    27 Jun 2017 Posted By Gretchen T.

    Urijah Faber and His Role In Mixed Martial Arts

    Urijah Faber was born in his parents home on May 14th, 1979, in the small college town of Isla Vista. His parents holistic practices would come to influence all aspects of his life, including his successful MMA career and UFC affiliation.

  • Blog Entry
    878 views 2 favs
    13 Jul 2017 Posted By Danny W.

    Martial Arts Training Is Not Just About Being Practical

    I find it slightly amusing that quite often when I talk to other martial artists, some of them get so worked up about what's practical and what isn't. In one discussion, we were talking about martial arts weaponry including bo staffs and swords.

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